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Zollhausstrasse 4
Glarus 8750


DANZ is a sustainable, transdisciplinary Swiss fashion and textile studio based in Glarus. DANZ was founded in 2021 by Mara Danz, after working in Paris for Maison Margiela, among others. During the pandemic, she returned to the mountains to visualise her own visions of fashion.
She has since realised various projects, like fashion collections, shows, performances, textile works, exhibitions, screenprint collections, showrooms. With her projects Mara has won the swiss design award, the design grant of prohelvetia, the yvonne lang chardonnens excellent scholarship and the award for cultural workers of glarus among others.
Danz is characterized by its in-depth exploration of craftsmanship inspired by Swiss textile history, sustainability and innovation in textiles. For the screen prints Mara Danz rummages through archives and searches for suitable designs; once found, they are processed and reinterpreted. All printed fabrics from the collection 2023 are screenprinted in Mitloedi, Switzerland. A major part of the collection is made out of deadstock fabrics. Driven by curiosity the design processes are often playful and intuitive and require a lot of room for experimenation.

With the DANZ RELOVED brand, we are pursuing another goal of our sustainable mission. We give clothes a next life. These treasures are selected and upgraded with a wise hand. We use the brand RELOVED to use vintage clothes to stop fast fashion.